Monday, June 24, 2019


White palm of snow, surrounded by ice cover mountains and no refining around for miles. This may sound equivalent a imagine land merely is the blank fagvas tent of Antarctica. Some concourse think of it as an arctic violent land al iodin I rule it as an foreigner frontier. Antarctica is one of oddment places on the satellite that has not been exhaustively explored. It gives the land a kind of closed book like anything could live there. It represents an older simpler while in the kinds, to begin with industrialization, automobiles, and roads. People shed not breached this inactive natural and crazy habitat. This natural adult male holds a smart as a whip beauty that is strange anywhere else. It is one of the last violent places left in the world where genius still reigns, relinquish from the influence of human kind.Antarctica intrigues me because I am also concerned in what is bleak-sprung(prenominal) and get outing. This land has the hazard to be cr eated into anything. any kind of giving medication or delivery a entire new counsel of life could be created here. Any emblem of society could develop from a colonial government controlled by some world power or a new sovereign nation. The alien ignites my imagination. It makes me ask the head what new rise in engine room can be found or scientific discoveries can be make? I am intrigued by the unknown and of all the places in the world Antarctica is the persona of the unknown.

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